Hotel Sancelso
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Our History,
Our Values

An eco-friendly hotel, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Environmental sustainability and green energy.

An Hotel in A + energy class

The Hotel has been recently renovated, following a clear sustainable direction: great energy savings thanks to the total insulation of the building with natural materials, wood pellet boiler, LED lights and electricity obtained with renewable sources. Inside the hotel – in the main room and in the billiard room- our guests will find a high quality biocompatible parquet – made by Fiemme 3000 – which makes the indoor healthier. Most of the rooms have a rustic floating parquet – with no use of glues – and with a cork layer. We want to be a “plastic-free” hotel! For this reason, not only do we recycle, but we have also reduced the use of plastic in all of our activities.

Our commitment to the environment has allowed us to obtain the “100% energia pulita Dolomiti Energia” (“100% clean energy”) certification.


Since 1954, we have been welcoming our guests in the stunning area of the Dolomites!


Being responsible hoteliers towards the environment and people: for us Responsibility also means being available and flexible.


It is the feeling we always experience when we open the doors of our house: we love living this experience in all its simplicity and in first person. 


Being a family means keeping on with the values ​​while living the social reality that surrounds us in a dynamic and current way.


We want to offer our guests moments of relaxation and authentic well-being: we are committed in making  your holiday an unforgettable experience.

An unique architecture

The hotel was built in 1954 following the functionalist architecture – a modern interpretation of rationalist buildings with single-pitch roof that guarantee the highest exposition to the sun and natural light and that open up to the landscape.

Interiors are essential, practical and cozy. The Hotel – just like other buildings of the same age – shows its key role through its architecture that highlights its formal and functional diversity compared to the surroundings. You can find many of these features in several interesting examples of mountain architecture, such as the Hotel Campo Imperatore – Eng. Vittorio Bonadé Bottino, 1934, The Stazione Albergo al Lago Nero – Carlo Molino, 1944, or the Monte Pana hotel and chapel – Franz Baumann, and the groundbreaking Sport Hotel Cevedale in Val Martello – Giò Ponti.

Hotel Monte Pana Project, Franz Baumann

Hotel Monte Pana, Franz Baumann

Sport hotel Cevedale, Giò Ponti

Back in the 50s, Passo Rolle was already a famous and organized skiing location. Bellamonte, instead, was starting its development by building 3 ski lifts on the slopes of Monte Viezzena, behind Bellamonte. The Hotel Sancelso was built in that period, with the purpose to host the kids coming from the Sancelso Institute of Milan for their summer and winter holidays.